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Pens Shows for 2018

  2018 PEN SHOW SCHEDULE Luxury Brands of America represents many of your favorite brands,  Noodler's Ink, Platinum Pens of Japan, Ink Miser, and now 365 Giuliano Mazzuoli Writing Tools and Stifflexible, and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to test, try, write with and look over all of the … [Read more...]

B&J Collection

    Introducing B & J Collection  The B & J Collection is an elegant collection of the finest marble imported from all corners of the globe. The marble desk sets are hand polished and paired with the with finest hand polished brazen finishings.  Each desk set is an exquisite … [Read more...]

Support Melanoma Research

UPDATE We would like to thank all of the dealers and their customers that helped support our campaign last month to raise money for the Melanoma Research Foundation.  Every dollar that is donated can and will save lives. Because of the  generosity and support we were able to send $2750.00 to … [Read more...]

Introducing the Ink Miser Intra-bottle inkwell and the ink-shot inkwell

Luxury Brands of America is proud to announce two new products!                The Ink Miser Intra-bottle inkwell that fits in a 3oz glass or plastic bottle.  You just drop it in, turn it over and fill your pen.  The intra-bottle inkwell takes the problem of filling your pen when the ink is too low in the bottle and … [Read more...]

Coming Soon

 The Nice by Platinum Pen The exquisite rose gold and translucent body is representative of the French resort located in the South of France. The Nice has the "Slip and Seal " cap mechanism that prevents the ink from drying out as well as the newly redesigned nib and feed to regulate the ink flow. Platinum … [Read more...]

King of Tigers

King of Tigers Each King of Tigers pen is infused with incredible craftsmanship.  The tiger, walking freely through the bamboo forest, is drawn on the center of the pen using traditional and elaborate techniques that involve charcoal powder (Sumiko). The images are coated with several layers of powder  to give them … [Read more...]

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