What’s New From Noodler’s

The newest series of Noodler’s Ink is the most advanced fraud resisting inks in the world – and is more durable in certain advanced technical testing than every fraud resisting roller ball and gel pen currently on the market. Learn More … [Read more...]

Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses

This ink exhibits a rose halo on certain papers on both sides of the line, as well as exhibiting darker shading on the edges of lines where the tine of the nib touches the page or a side of an italic nib lays a firmer line. It is approximately 16% “bulletproof” and is made up of dyes with multiple properties in order … [Read more...]

New and Unique Cap Technology

For more information on this new technology visit here The new cap technology found in the Plaisir Collection will prevent drying of the ink for up to 1 year or longer significantly extending shelf-life. The body of the Plaisir line features a scratch resistant surface to keep the finish bright, shiny and undamaged. … [Read more...]

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