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We would like to thank all of the dealers and their customers that helped support our campaign last month to raise money for the Melanoma Research Foundation.  Every dollar that is donated can and will save lives. Because of the  generosity and support we were able to send $2750.00 to the


To our Dealers, Fountain Pen Enthusiast, and Friends,

As most of you know, Carol lost her brother, Brad Hutchens, also a member of the pen family, to melanoma (skin) cancer in May 2015.  Brad battled cancer for over two years before he passed away.  Unfortunately, what we learned during Brad’s time in treatment was melanoma research and drug trials are far behind other cancer research and treatments.  With this in mind during the month of May, melanoma awareness month, Luxury Brands will contribute a portion of our sales to our dealers from the following pens

  • 15001 Black Ahab flex
  • 15047 Black Pearl Ahab flex
  • 16001 Konrad Black brush pen
  • 17001 Black Standard Creaper
  • 17047 Black Pearl Standard Creaper
  • PGB-1000#1 Platinum Black Balance pen

The reason we chose the black pens is the remembrance ribbon for melanoma is the color black, breast cancer is pink, colon cancer is blue etc.  Luxury Brands will make a minimum donation of $2,500 to melanoma research and with your help, we hope to donate even more.


Thank you, for your business and support in this very personal fight for melanoma and all cancer research.


Best regards,

John & Carol Gillett

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