New Flex Nibs Are Here

The nib will feed more ink as it is flexed more – by design, as the “auto-vent flex” opens the air passage to the feed far more as the nib is actively flexed than a conventional nib is capable of doing given the same pressure – yet has a more controlled flow than the similar pens of the 1880s. The amount of pressure required to flex is far less than a conventional nib requires – a light touch at an angle of 45 degrees to the page is often enough to run from a hairline to 1.5 mm. The speed of writing with a fully flexible nib should be adjusted to suit the flow of each ink type used (some inks will flow faster than others). Slower writing may be necessary if one is writing Victorian style script vs. fine shorthand – which can be written a far more rapidly. Ink consumption can create an air pocket in the chamber while writing large lines of Victorian script, such an air pocket can be displaced with more ink or with a light tap now and then if the line seems to be hesitating at all. Limited availability for the balance of this year.

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