The 25G Platinum 90th Anniversary

The grace and style produced from carbon fiber matrix body and aluminum rhodium plating, the extra lightweight under 25gms.

Such a fountain pen is an innovative choice that heightens the lightness to the area of art.

The more you use it, the more you love it. These are why fountain pens attract us.

However, the essence of this pen is the function as a tool for writing and expressing. We searched for a graceful, light, easy functional fountain pen as the ideal one, and then we created it. We adopted the carbon fiber used for space exploration and the new Boeing 787, as a new material for the next generation, in order to lighten the weight. Ultimately the pen weighs under 25gms. Micron unit sized carbon fiber’s texture shines beautifully from the deep, changing appearance depending on the ambient light.

The original word of “Mannenhitsu” is “fountain pen”. The letters are written with the pen on the paper smoothly and beautifully like a fountain gushing smoothly from a spring.
Writing is thinking and expressing. That’s why one regards a fountain pen as a precious.

In every era, the essence of the sophisticated skill and the handmade craftsmanship cultivated with tradition are plentifully turned to creating fountain pens. Click Here

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